Know More about Glass Patterns and Tints

Sep 5, 2017Residential Glass

We all want our properties to be aesthetic and evocative, whether it is our homes or offices. Hence, the material used in the design of any building should project such characteristics. One of such material that is used in prominence in any building and manifests its aesthetic appeal is glass. If you are looking for a range of residential glass or commercial glass, try to add a style, pattern or tint to your glass for enhanced style and functionality. Read here to know more about popular style, glass patterns and tint alternative for your building.

Glass Patterns

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass or etched glass is created by acid etching or sandblasting a clear sheet of glass. It imparts the effect similar to glasses such as Niagra Glass, Narrow Reed or Pinhead. The effect is offering privacy while letting the light to pass through it.  Many commercial window installation services offer this kind of glass patterns.

Narrow Reed Glass

If you want semi-transparent and clear glass patterns that appears slightly textured, then go for Narrow Reed Glass. Best suited for areas where you want light, but don’t require full visibility. The ideal locations for such kind of glass are offices, living rooms, board-rooms, kitchens, and pantry.

Pinhead Glass

Also known as perforated glass, the Pinhead Glass is the most affordable option for those who needs to get both natural light and privacy. Mostly used in cupboards, showers, and windows.  Its versatility and comparatively low price make this one of the most popular pattern glass options. Made by creating tiny holes in an entire sheet of glass, the transparency of glass is reduced by diffusion.

Niagara Glass

This gets its name from its ripple-like glass patterns; and because of this, it is also known as rain glass. This glass is manufactured by pressing glass between the two metal rollers. It looks great for showers or office doors.

Easy Installation

All these glass types including glass window films are easy to install.  Every glass carries a DIY instructional guide, using which you can install it at your homes or at offices. However, prospective users can order the installation of any kind of glass on the call from residential glass installation services.

Utility of various kinds of glass

Frosted glass window is an excellent option for blind, drapes, or curtains because all these glass types are expensive and require high maintenance. Whereas, when you are building a new house, Narrow Reed Glass is a practical alternative because it is less-expensive and easy to use.  Hence, choose a glass type according to your requirements and get admiring glances from everyone who visits your property.

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