Are Glass Railings Safe?

Jun 28, 2024Railings

Are Glass Railings In Ocean View, DE Safe?

The Safety Features Of Glass Railings Are Similar
To Any Other Type Of Railing For Your Stairs

Glass railings in Ocean View, DE can be just as safe, or even safer, than any other railing out there. Because they are glass with metal accents, the railing remains free of rot and decay. So you don’t have to worry about the railing weakening over time; it keeps its strength.

Of course, not all glass railings are safe because improper installation can make anything unsafe. At GoGlass, we ensure we follow all of the best practices so that your railing is strong enough to withstand even the unexpected.

Keeping Gaps Between Glass Panels Narrow

A wide gap between the panels may be dangerous, especially for children and pets who may be tempted to reach between them. Wide gaps may also pose a problem with structural integrity, especially without proper support. If the gaps are kept to a minimum, the system will work like one solid piece rather than in sections.

The Ideal Height For Glass Railing In Ocean View, DE

There are multiple regulations for glass railings in Delaware, and we strictly abide by them at GoGlass. The most important rule is that the railing must be 34” to 38” above the walking surface. This is the safest height for most people on the Delmarva Peninsula.

These regulations are why hiring a trustworthy glass expert is essential. The guidelines are in place for a reason, and they help guide professionals on the best practices.

A Strong Mounting Surface For Your Glass Railing System

A weak mounting surface, such as decaying wood or crumbling concrete, will not support a glass railing, no matter how strong the railing is.

It’s crucial that the railing is mounted to a secure surface that is just as durable as the railing. If you don’t have a safe surface, you may need to install a new base for the railing.

Proper Framing For A Glass Railing

The glass railing needs a frame to be secure. Even if the frame is “invisible,” it’s still present, ensuring your glass stays in place. At GoGlass, we are pros at customizing your railing so that your frame can be as minimal or flashy as you want.

So whether you want a seamless glass design or a gorgeous gold-framed railing, we have you covered.

Tempered Glass Is Best For Glass Railings

Tempered glass is the best type of glass for railings, whether it’s inside or outside. The glass we use at GoGlass is strong, resists fog, and is impact-resistant. During manufacturing, this glass is heated to high temperatures and quickly cooled to create a dense and durable panel.

We also use extremely durable laminated glass for thicker panels that require more than one layer of glass. Laminated glass is especially popular for safety railing projects because it is strong and shatter-resistant.

The Ideal Thickness Of Glass Panels For Railing

Glass railing can be anywhere from ¼” to ¾” thick. The exact thickness will depend on your project, location, and type of support you use.

If the glass is too thin, it may be susceptible to cracks or break under pressure. If it is too thick, it may be too heavy for the supports or needlessly bulky, overtaking your staircase.

Glass Railings Don’t Always Need Handrails

There are many safe ways to add a handrail to your glass railing. You can add a classic metal handrail to match your frame or choose something unique, like wood.

You may not even need a handrail as the sleek glass-only look is quite modern and still just as safe. Our company is an expert at installing glass railings in the safest way possible without compromising the design you have in mind.

Choose GoGlass For The Best Glass
Railings In Rehoboth Beach, DE

At GoGlass, we provide glass railings in Ocean View, DE that are beautiful and secure. We can even customize them with tints, etchings, and beveled edges.

For more info on our railing projects, call us at 800-746-4527 for a free quote.