Best Glass For Glass Railing

May 11, 2024Glass railing

Which Is the Best Type Of Glass
Railing For Lewes, DE Homes?

The Strongest Railing Requires
The Most Durable Glass

Glass railings in Lewes, DE come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. A variety of manufacturing processes affect the quality of the railings. It’s important that your glass is long-lasting and easy to maintain.

GoGlass offers all kinds of glass services, including making glass railings for your deck and stairs. Many factors affect the best type of glass for glass railings on the Delmarva Peninsula, and we’re here to share them.

Tempered Glass is Best For Glass Railings

Tempered glass is the best type of glass for glass railings in Lewes, DE. Glass panels made of tempered glass are strong, easy to cut at our shop, and long-lasting. Tempered glass is heated to a very high temperature and cooled fast. The process helps strengthen the glass, making it exceptional for glass railings.

But just how strong is tempered glass? It generally takes around 24,000 pounds per square inch (psi) to break tempered glass. For perspective, a professional boxer can rarely punch with more than 1500 psi.

The minimum for tempered glass is 10,000 pounds per square inch, but our glass at GoGlass is the best around, so we go above and beyond the minimum.

The Best Glass Railings Must Be Easy To Clean

Not all tempered glass is easy to clean. Some may be susceptible to spots, especially if there is a lot of traffic near your railing or if it is outside and vulnerable to weathering.

At GoGlass, we use a special treatment to ensure your glass railing is spot-resistant. You won’t have to worry about cleaning it daily because it resists handprints, fog, and smudges.

Glass Panels For Railings Should Come In Many Colors

What is the best color for a glass railing? There is no concrete answer, but it is good to have options. Glass railings are an opportunity to make a statement with tinted glass in bronze, gray, or something even more unique.

GoGlass offers various tintings and even painting options for glass railings. We can work with you to create the perfect design for your project.

Options For Etching On Glass Railings Is Ideal

Glass etching is a unique method of decorating glass with an abrasive substance to create subtle works that make a statement. At GoGlass, we can customize your glass with personalized etchings, which will look gorgeous on your railing.

A Beveled Edge Looks Fantastic On A Glass Deck Railing

A beveled edge looks best for many glass panels, including some railings. The bevel refers to the finish on the edges of the glass that helps make the panel look complete rather than rough around the edges.

At GoGlass, we offer multiple types of bevels and polishes. The pencil edge is rounded like a half-circle and is the smoothest option. Our Oegee edge is distinctive, with a tapered edge that is common on tables and desks. The barked edge makes your glass look like bark from a tree, with a rustic and gorgeous texture.

Hardware Matters For Glass Railings

The hardware for your glass railing matters, but the best hardware is the one that works for you. You don’t have to stick with silver; you can branch out with something unique to match the finishes of the rest of your home. The top of the railing can also be wood, metal, or fully glass.

The best type of hardware may also be affected by the color and etching you choose for your glass railing. It’s all about ensuring the entire project works well together.

The Ideal Thickness Of Your Glass Railing Project

The thickness of your glass railing is important, with over ¼” being the best option. Too thin and it’s dangerous; too thick and it is too bulky. There is a range that begins at ¼” and stops at about ¾” which is what we make at GoGlass. We can help you find the perfect thickness for your glass railing, tailored to your home’s style.

GoGlass offers glass railings for Lewes, DE that are built to last. Our strong glass and array of customization options keep people coming back for more. Call us today at 800-746-4527 for a free estimate.

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