Auto Windshield Repair & Replacement: Things You Must Know

A stitch in time saves nine! The same is true for auto windshield damage. Ignoring a minor crack or chip on your windshield proves to be more expensive at a later time. What is repairable today might become irreparable tomorrow. And, it could be dangerous as well. A crack that obstructs the visibility angle leads to road mishaps. Also, the damage caused to a windshield deteriorates the roof of the vehicle, so the risk increases if the windshield repair task gets delayed.

While windshield replacement is possible, life replacement is not. So, whether you own a private vehicle or a commercial one, it’s imperative that you take care of its health. Here is a list of auto glass repair or replacement services that conform to the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS).

Windshield Repair

Bullseye Damage Repair

In this type of damage repair, small cracks within 1-inch are repaired successfully by the injection of formulated resins that bind the elements of the glass. Before injecting the chemicals, a jet of air is forced to through the damaged area, eliminating the undetached elements and dirts.

Star Break Repair

A star-break happens when the windshield is struck by a speeding object. Usually, the size of the damaged area is more than 1.5 inch in diameter. The damage causes multiple cracks originating from the epicenter of the hit area. An auto windshield repair expert takes into consideration the depth of the crack and accordingly applies the right solution that seals the gap. Different repair methods are applied to fix damages with tempered and laminated glasses.

Bullseye+ Star Break Damage Repair

In this case, a windshield repair professional repairs a damage type which is a combination of both of the above. After such damage, you should avoid driving the vehicle, or avoid roads with bumps. Make sure you get it fixed urgently before it spreads throughout the screen. In that case, you will be left with no other option than to go for a windshield replacement service.

Surface Pit Damage Repair

This type of repair work is required when the damage is superficial, and only a layer of the glass is scraped or removed. There are three layers of the windshield glass – external layer, plastic inner, and internal layer. The repair is efficient when the depth of the pit is less than 1/8th of the total width.

Things to Keep in Mind When Going for Windshield Replacement

Go with the appropriate windshield as per the make and model of your vehicle. Compare prices online. It’s quite easy. Request online quotes from four to five certified vendors. Pick the best deal.

At Go Glass, we adhere to the standards as approved by National Windshield Repair Association. We are a team of experienced professionals committed to providing you with the best auto windshield repair and replacement for different vehicles, including the economy and family cars, luxury vehicles, sports cars, commercial vans and much more.

7 thoughts on “Auto Windshield Repair & Replacement: Things You Must Know

  1. Deb Pearl says:

    I was driving on the freeway and a rock came and hit my windshield! I have a small star break in my windshield now and I don’t know what I should do. That is great that there are different methods that will be applied to fix the damages! I wouldn’t want it to get any bigger! Thank you for the information!

  2. Alexandria Martinez says:

    For a couple days now, my fiance and I are considering getting an auto glass replacement. We don’t think that a repair would suffice and we are not comfortable leaving it as it is. When we go in, we will remember to look for the right type of windshield like our model of car calls for.

  3. Becca Holton says:

    It was interesting to learn about what each of the repair methods involves. I’m pretty sure my windshield needs star break repair. It seems like it matches the description since it’s more than 1.5 inches in diameter.

  4. Kiara Woodsland says:

    I like that you talked about the importance of addressing even minor crack or chip because ignoring this problem can be more expensive to deal with at a later time. My husband noticed that there’s a long crack in my car’s windshield. The last thing that I want to deal at the moment is costly repairs since I have a lot of bills and expenses to consider. It will be beneficial for me to have my car’s windshield repaired as early as today to prevent more expensive repairs in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kyle Wayne says:

    I never knew that damage caused to a windshield deteriorates the roof of the vehicle! My grandma is looking to hire auto safety glass replacement services to get her windshield replaced. I’ll be sure to talk to her about getting it done quickly to avoid damage to the roof of her car.

  6. Ashley Maxwell says:

    Thanks for your tip to get your windshield repaired when it has been cracked just a little bit. I like how you said that they should be replaced or repaired when the crack or damage blocks your line of sight. My husband and I are considering getting his truck’s windshield repaired because it has a small crack in the center.

  7. Silas Knight says:

    Thanks for the information about windshield replacement. Like you said, taking care of the car is a lot easier than life replacement. My car’s windshield has three chips and a large crack in it, so I think it’s time to get a new one.

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