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GoGlass Offers Windshield Replacements
And Repairs For Cars In Ocean City, MD

We Install Or Repair Windshields With Our
Top-Quality Windshield Repair Services

A windshield replacement in Ocean City, MD could be something you need right away, which is why having a company on hand is so convenient. At GoGlass, we repair windshields, replace windshields, and can even calibrate your windshield’s ADAS.

For over 40 years, GoGlass has served the Delmarva Peninsula with excellent glass replacement services. These outstanding replacements include auto glass repairs and replacements, a service many don’t know we offer.

We Provide Strong Windshield Replacements
For Ocean City, MD Car Owners

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Windshield Replacement

GoGlass repairs and installs windshields with excellent care. We are Auto Glass Safety Council certified and have a team of qualified individuals working at our shop. We even work well with insurance agents to help you get the most out of your replacement.

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GoGlass Offers The Best Windshield Replacements

Our Company Is Built On What Matters, Which Is Evident
From Day One Of Your Delmarva Peninsula Project

GoGlass has provided incredible glass services to Ocean City for over 40 years. Our windshield replacements are strong and always done right to ensure your windshield lasts as long as possible.

#1: Integrity Is Core

Our number one value is integrity because we know how much it can cover. Everything else will fall into place as long as we do what’s right in every situation. That’s how we obtain incredible results every time.

#2: Our Employee Hiring Process

At GoGlass, we only hire reliable, qualified individuals who give their all to the Delmarva Peninsula. We do background checks, train our employees well, and ensure they have the same core values.

#3: Customers Are Number One

Customers are the number one priority at GoGlass, and that will never change. We treat everyone respectfully and listen to every concern or preference because this is your car, so your voice matters.

#4: Awards For Quality

We are Delmarva’s #1 glass company with a membership at the National Glass Association and the Auto Glass Safety Council. We also have awards such as Best of Coastal Style and Best of Metropolitan Magazine.

Delmarva Loves Raving About GoGlass

Our Customers Are Always A Blessing With
Their Kind Words About Our Company

GoGlass reads every new review we receive. We get to read about your experience from your perspective, which is something we look forward to every single time we hear about a new review.

“They repaired a road-hazard chip in my windshield and did a great job. The technician told me exactly what to expect and had a lot of experience and expertise. The results were very good. The appointment ran on time. It was a positive experience, and I will use them again for your glass needs. They do all kinds of glass work.”
Dennis J.

“This place took good care of me and my car! I needed a new windshield; mine got a mysterious foot-long crack! I dropped it off a few hours before my appointment time. I told them I was going to do some things with my daughter and would then come back to wait for it, but I didn’t expect it to be worked on earlier than scheduled. They had it done early anyway, and the staff were so pleasant when I returned. I had to make a 10-hour road trip a few days later, and everything worked great! The camera is calibrated, and the seals are good, perfect, and safe! Thank you guys for helping me with a scary situation!”
Pamela B.

“Replaced windshield on my pickup. Impeccable work on the replacement at the GoGlass facility. Friendly, knowledgeable, efficient service by the office staff.”
Brad B.

Main Questions Car Owners Ask About Windshield
Replacements In Ocean City, MD From GoGlass

Q: Why Choose GoGlass?

A: GoGlass is a top company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality replacements. Our 40 years of working with glass have taught us a great deal, and we have become a better company every year.

Q: What Do Your Windshield Replacements Cost?

A: Our windshield replacement prices are quite affordable. We can even help you with your insurance. You may need a replacement, but often, a low-cost repair is all you need.

Q: How Long Does A Windshield Replacement Take?

A: It depends on the weather and the damage to your car. But it usually doesn’t take more than a few hours for the resin to dry and for you to return to the road.

Q: What Areas Of The Delmarva Peninsula Do You Serve?

A: GoGlass serves all of the Delmarva Peninsula, but don’t hesitate to contact us for a more detailed look at our service areas. We regularly add new locations.

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About GoGlass?

A: Here are other pages of our website where you can learn more about our company: