Our Fast Glass Insert = Less Waiting

Mar 14, 2024Identity

Glass Replacements In Only HALF The Time!

We Make Our Own, So You Get
Lightning Fast Service

When you need glass service, you could find yourself waiting far too long if you choose to work with the wrong glass company. On the other hand, if you choose GoGlass, you’ll receive lightning-fast service, save money, and enjoy the results of expert glass replacement in the blink of an eye.

How do we do it?

We manufacture our own Infinity Glass Units® right here on the Delmarva Peninsula. We don’t have to wait for orders to be shipped from out of the area, so we can complete your project quickly.

Often, we can shorten the project to half or even one-third of the time you’d spend if you chose another glass service for commercial or residential glass.

It typically only takes us two weeks from the call to install.

Our speed is one reason our clients love us.

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Our Hyperspeed Glass Replacement Process

We’re proud of our ability to complete your residential window or commercial glass project quickly.

We know you don’t want the job to drag out or for workers to be on your premises with unfinished work for a month or more. You want bright new window glass installed as fast as possible.

To accomplish that, we manufacture our own glass inserts to eliminate manufacturing or shipping delays.

We want you to enjoy the fullness of your space as fast as possible, with a crystal-clear view of the outdoors through insulated glass.

No Complicated Pricing Games

First, our simplified estimating process lets us get to work quickly. We don’t play pricing games when estimating the cost of the job. Instead, we apply a straightforward formula to predict how long it will take, our labor costs, and the price of the materials we’ll need.

We don’t try to upsell you goods or services you don’t need or want. Some companies will try to sell you a full window replacement when all you need is a glass replacement. By just replacing the glass, you can save up to 60% on installation costs and keep your existing frames!

Such games only muddy the waters, slow the process, and never save you money.

Instead, we offer you quality work and sturdy products at fair prices. We never include hidden fees or mysterious additions.

Say Goodbye To Middlemen

The use of middlemen often slows the glass replacement process, so we avoid them when possible. We manufacture our own Infinity Glass Units® locally in an onsite custom glass baking center.

This means we don’t have to place a glass order with an outside vendor, wait for them to manufacture your inserts, and ship them to us before we can begin work. And you don’t have to endure cracked glass or drafts while you wait.

Additionally, this eliminates the possibility of breakage during shipment, which could further hinder the process.

Glass Inserts Save Time And Money

Furthermore, installing glass inserts instead of replacing the entire window saves us considerable time and saves YOU money.

Installing new glass is far less time-consuming and requires much less labor than replacing still-functional window frames and sashes. Because labor costs are lower, our price is also lower.

It also reduces the amount of waste produced during the job since we don’t have to haul removed wood or vinyl materials to the landfill – a step that would otherwise add even more time to the project.

This is why we can complete a glass replacement process in only two weeks – a fraction of the time it might take for another glass service.

So, if you need new glass inserts and want to work with a Delmarva Peninsula glass service that offers speed, cost-effective pricing, and friendly service, contact GoGlass today to request a free consultation.