Cracks and Rattling: When to Repair a Damaged Windshield

Sep 1, 2017Auto Glass, Windshield Repair

If you have recently encountered an accident, or just had a new windshield installed, inspect your windshield regularly. Also, if your windshield is not properly installed or developed cracks in the accident, it will cause further problems. A damaged windshield will not protect you. Hence, if you notice any signs of trouble in your windshield, immediately head towards an auto windshield repair firm.

Damaged Windshield Warning Signs

Rattling of a Windshield

One of the important signs is rattling or bouncing while driving. This happens very often when you hit a pot hole or come across a speed bump. This is caused by an imperfect fit of a windshield in your car or when the adhesive is not able to hold the windshield firmly in place. Regardless of the reasons for bouncing or rattling, consult an auto glass repair firm immediately.

Wavy or Crooked Windshield

Your windshield needs a repair if it looks crooked or has a wavy pattern to it, due to your windshield not properly aligning. This shift is so slight that you cannot notice it just by looking at your car. However, when you look out the windshield it looks crooked or things look wavy. If you inexplicably have this problem, your windshield immediately needs a repair.

Car Driven Immediately after your Windshield Replacement

Your windshield needs a repair if you drive immediately after your windshield repair. It takes an hour to replace a windshield, however, the adhesives that hold the windshield in place take three to eight hours to cure or harden.  When you drive your car during this period, even the slightest bump can cause a shift in the windshield. If you drive immediately after windshield replacement, there is a good chance that your windshield needs a repair.

Next Steps for a Damaged Windshield

After seeing a crack or whip on a windshield, don’t panic. Search for a reputed windshield repair company.

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