Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows

Feb 19, 2024Windows

Benefits Of Energy Efficient Replacement
Windows In Rehoboth Beach, DE

How A Home Window Replacement
Can Transform Your House

Replacement windows in Rehoboth Beach, DE are a great way to improve your home’s energy efficiency. But the term energy efficiency shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a serious benefit that offers many advantages.

GoGlass has unique replacement glass for windows that we put together ourselves. We use these windows to offer the many benefits of energy efficiency. We can do the same with patio doors and screened-in porches that offer you a piece of nature. But the fastest way to see benefits is to get new window glass replacements.

Energy-Efficient Windows Filter UV Light

Energy-efficient windows are treated with a coating that helps filter out UV light. This does not take away from the sunshine getting through your window, but it does reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that damage your interior and cause sunburns.

Long exposure to sunlight can cause even more damage to your skin than a single sunburn, so it’s important to ensure UV rays aren’t getting in your house every day. Installing energy-efficient windows is the easiest way to do so.

A Home Window Replacement
Keeps Heat And Cold Out

The U-Factor measurement is an energy-efficient window rating that lets you know how well a replacement window keeps bad weather out. It refers to how well the glass insulates in general, which helps regulate your home’s temperature.

Another similar rating is the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which lets you know how much heat gets through the window. This refers directly to solar radiation rather than pure temperature, like the U-factor. Both are important in an energy-efficient window.

Noise Reduction With Replacement
Windows In Rehoboth Beach, DE

This works both ways. Your energy-efficient window should keep sound from getting through the window but not let any sound out, either. There are two sides to this perk. You get to keep your privacy and quiet time without neighborhood disturbances. So you can rest easy knowing that what goes on in your house stays there and that you can sleep without outside disturbances, no matter your schedule.

Energy Efficient Windows
Have Less Air Leakage

Air leakage refers to the movement around the window. A good energy-efficient window will have a low air leakage rating, which lets you know that less air is getting through, making it easier to balance the temperature inside your house. While the frame matters for energy efficiency, the glass you install matters, too.

Replacement Windows Help
Control The Light

Energy-efficient windows let you control how much light gets in. A rating called Visible Transmittance is a way to choose whether you let all of the sunlight in or only part of it. When you let less light in, you reduce the glare, but more light means a brighter space. 

The choice is yours, but it’s something that a glass company may be able to help you decide on, given your home, climate, and lifestyle.

Home Value Increases With A
Home Window Replacement

Everyone wants an energy-efficient home, and windows are one of the easiest ways to increase your energy efficiency. Some do it for the savings while others do it for the environment – most do it for both. Either way, these windows increase the value of your home, and when you choose windows with ratings to prove their efficiency, that’s even better.

Save Money With Energy
Efficient Windows

The biggest benefit of energy-efficient windows is saving money on energy bills. The reason they are energy efficient is because they save energy. Since you’re paying for your energy in the form of utility bills, you save every month by choosing energy efficiency.

GoGlass offers energy-efficient replacement windows for your Sussex County home. Whether you want to replace one window or all of them, our Infinity Glass Units will ensure that your windows last a lifetime while providing an energy-efficient home. Call GoGlass today at 800-7GO-GLASS for your free estimate.