How To Recover From Wind And Storm Damage

May 9, 2019Commercial Glass, Residential Glass

Delmarva suffers multiple storm seasons. We recently experienced heavy spring storms causing damage throughout the area. With strong winds, your windows can be damaged. Wind picks up projectiles, launching them into your windows. With fast enough wind, your glass can shatter. Windows are your defense from the elements and broken windows lead to extensive damage to any interior.

Whether commercial or residential, if your windows are shattered or broken during a storm, they need to be replaced or repaired immediately to restore your privacy, safety, and comfort. But not all window damage is easy to see, and if it goes undetected, it can cause bigger structural or foundational damage down the road.

Stronger windows make buildings, and specifically the windows and glass doors resistant to penetration by wind-borne debris. A common element in the design of storm-resistant windows is the use of insulated glass. It is comprised of two or more pieces of glass fused to a strong plastic inter-layer under heat and pressure in an oven. GoGlass remains the only glass company on the Eastern Shore with an in house oven. This leads to faster turn around with cost savings for the customer.

Post Storm Tips

Check Glass

Hail and flying debris tossed by heavy winds can break the glass of your business or home’s windows. Begin by examining the glass on your windows for obvious breakage. Check each individual pane. Do not only look for breakage, but also look minor chips. You may also find small dings in your windows.

Inspect Frames

Next, carefully check the frames of your windows. Look for minor dings and dents in the frames as well as places where the frame may no longer be sealed to the window. Look inside the window for discoloration or even leaks. You may also notice chips in paint or other minor damage. Remember, minor damage can become significant with a little time and weather.

Replace Damaged Windows Immediately

In order to prevent further damage to your home or business, you will need to repair any existing damage immediately. Whether glass only damage or to window pane, our window replacement experts can assess the damage to help you restore your windows so that they can get back to work protecting you. From bay windows to picture windows, we’ve got you covered.

Remove Any Fallen Glass Debris

Finally, carefully examine around the window, both inside and outside, to ensure all glass pieces have been safely removed from the premises. Carefully sweep or vacuum any remaining particles.

While most windstorms can increase or appear without warning, the Eastern Shore’s hurricane preparedness system will announce any potential storms. With the notice of an incoming storm, you can prepare your home or business with ease.

Preparedness Tips

Prepare your property

  • Trim shrubs and trees
  • Clean out clogged rain gutters
  • Bring in all outdoor furniture, decorations and garbage cans

Prepare your House or Business

Install hurricane shutters, if available. If you do not have access to storm shutters or if your home is not set up for the shutters, board up your windows. Plywood is inexpensive and readily available. Ensure the plywood has a 30% greater impact strength than OSB. Also, choose 5/8 inch-thick, exterior grade (CDX0 plywood, at minimum.

How to Board Your Windows

Board up windows

  • Mark the closest stud location on each side and underneath the window. When fastened to sheathing or trim, plywood is likely to fly away.
  • Cut each panel to length of one inch extended beyond the framing on all sides of the window.
  • Plan panel placement by numbering each panel and placing an arrow illustrating which end goes up.
  • Utilize corrosion resistant screws, reaching at least 2 inches into the framing. Galvanized pan heads or lags are recommended.
  • Hold the plywood up against the opening and drill pilot holes through it and into the framing every 16 inches. Be sure each hole is at least one inch away from the panel edge.
  • Need assistance with boarding your windows, GoGlass provides help preparing your home for the hurricane or storm.

To learn more about hurricane and storm preparedness, visit

Your safety is extremely important to us. Remember that recovering from a storm or hurricane can be a stressful and depressing time. Handle broken glass and damage with care. We are here to assist you with glass cleanup and are available for window repair and replacement. We promise to respond quickly and efficiently. If you experience glass damage, need assistance with hurricane preparedness or have any general glass questions, contact your local GoGlass location.