The 5 W’s of Buying a Glass Table

Mar 1, 2017Residential Glass

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You’ve always admired the simple elegance of a glass table, but you might wonder if a glass table is right for your home or whether you should stick with a more traditional wood table.

You’ve probably heard about the five W’s: who, what, when, where, and why. Answering these questions can give you all the facts you need about glass tables and help you make the right buying decision.

1. Who

The benefit of glass tables is that their style is timeless, so they can work in any home with any type of décor. People of all ages and style preferences incorporate glass tables in their homes.

However, if you have young children or energetic pets, you might want to avoid glass tables for now. Children might drop items on the glass table or run into it, causing it to chip or even shatter. There’s also a small risk that your table could break if it slides from its foundation. This can pose a safety risk to your children.

2. What

Glass tables come in many varieties. You can choose glass of many different sizes and thickness levels. You can also choose glass in colors like gray or bronze.

Without a doubt, the safest glass tables are made from tempered glass. Tempered glass cools faster than regular glass, creating a stronger glass structure. Tempered glass is less likely to break than regular glass. Plus, regular glass can break into sharp pieces, endangering your family members and friends. Tempered glass breaks into tiny pieces which are unlikely to injure people.

Glass tables come in a variety of shapes, including oval, rectangle, and square, and different shapes provide different benefits.

For instance, if you want to use your glass table as a dining table, a square table will create a sense of balance, with equal space for each diner. Round tables allow each diner to see all other diners at the table, providing better opportunities for conversation. Round tables also lack sharp corners that could pose a safety risk. Choose the shape that works best for your needs and style.

To make your glass table even more elegant, consider glass etching. A designer can customize your glass table with a beautiful piece of artwork. He or she can etch a name, logo, picture, or border into your table.

Along with customizing the glass, you can also customize your table’s base. There are many options for the base beyond the traditional straight feet. Options include a single post, curved feet, a pedestal, double trestles, or a tapered cylinder.

3. When

The frequency of cleaning depends on your particular table. Some tables require cleaning once a day or more, while others need cleaning only every few days. Clean your table as soon as you see fingerprints or streaks in the glass.

To clean, simply wipe the table with a dry cloth. Spray the table with water, and then wipe it again. If it’s still dirty, you could try a glass cleaner or a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. If the cloth leaves dirt and dust behind, try wiping the table with a newspaper.

4. Where

Your glass table can accent just about any room in your home. It could go in your dining room as a dining table or in your living room as a coffee table. You could even use it as a desk or a decorative side table.

If you like the look of a glass table but want to keep your wood table or desk, you could place a glass top over your wood piece. Doing so will add a new look to your table while also protecting it from scratches and other damage.

5. Why

If you’re still unsure whether you should buy a glass table, consider these reasons:

  • It’s always in style. The clear, sparkling look of glass is always a win. You’ll save money because you won’t need to trade in your glass table for a more contemporary look.
  • It’s versatile. Glass tables fit with any decoration scheme. When you’re ready to update your home, you could easily change other furniture or décor and leave your glass table in place. Or, you could move your glass table to a different room.
  • It’s easy to move. Glass tables are light and compact, making it easy to move them from room to room.
  • It makes rooms feel spacious. The transparency and clarity of glass makes a room look larger and cleaner.
  • It’s clean. Unlike other table materials, glass tables don’t trap bacteria inside.
  • It attracts light. Natural light can brighten your space and lift your mood.

If you’re looking for a new piece of furniture, a glass table can be a beautiful and elegant choice. Call GoGlass to find out more about our extensive glass table selection.