Do You Need To Replace Your Window Frame?

Apr 29, 2024Glass Windows

Can Window Glass In Bethany Beach, DE Be
Replaced Without Replacing The Frame?

Benefits Of Replacing Window Glass Alone
Instead Of The Entire Window

Window glass replacement in Bethany Beach, DE is a wonderful alternative to replacing the entirety of your window. But is it really worth it? Replacing your window glass offers many benefits, including energy efficiency and a reduction in cost compared to a full window replacement.

GoGlass likes to keep options open for customers in the Delmarva Peninsula. We offer both glass replacements and full window replacements because the situation for each customer is not always the same. While a full replacement is good in some cases, there are many benefits to replacing your glass only.

Replacing Your Window Glass Can Save Time And Money

The biggest advantage to replacing window glass alone is that it saves you money. Most of the time, you don’t have to invest in a full window replacement to reap the benefits. A full window replacement usually isn’t even necessary unless there is pre-existing damage to your frame or other parts of your window.

At GoGlass, no matter which option you choose, there is financing available to help you make the most of your budget. We will work with you to find the most cost-efficient solution for your window.

Glass Replacement For Windows
Still Improves Energy Efficiency

The main part of a window that affects energy efficiency is the glass. If you replace your glass with an energy-efficient glass replacement, then you can save on energy bills and help keep your home at a more balanced temperature.

Not all window glass is energy-efficient, so make sure you verify this with your window installation team during consultation. GoGlass offers infinity windows to our customers.

This is one of the most energy-efficient options on the market. They are specifically designed to keep your home more comfortable and help lower your energy bills. How do we know they’re so good? Because we make them ourselves.

We’re so confident in our glass replacements that we offer a lifetime warranty to our homeowners.

Replace Residential Window Glass
For Hurricane Resistance

Replace glass in windows to improve hurricane resistance, as the glass matters most during a storm.

When shopping for windows or window glass, ensure you choose the right windows that include everything you need to thrive in the Delmarva Peninsula. This includes a good, verified hurricane rating.

When your glass is verified to be hurricane-resistant, you’ll know you can count on it to stand up to just about any storm. Which, in our coastal area, is something every homeowner should make a big priority.

Window Glass Replacements Are Low Maintenance

Replacing your window glass makes your window easier to clean. Most new window glass is treated with a glazing that makes it spot-resistant and easy to maintain.

GoGlass offers exceptionally low-maintenance window glass. All you need to do to ensure it lasts and maintains its original beauty is give it a quick wipe-down when you notice dirt or dust building up.

Replace Glass In Windows For Less Waste

The more you replace in your home, the more materials end up in a landfill. If all you have to replace is glass, you not only reduce the landfill pileup, but you can also recycle the glass. Most window glass is recycled into new windows or used as filler for cement, so you rarely have to worry about glass going to waste.

When To Replace Your Full Window
In Bethany Beach, DE

While replacing your window glass is ideal in many situations, it’s possible that a full window replacement is best. If your window frame is damaged, then it’s a good idea to replace it. If not, then replacing your window glass is likely the best bet.

GoGlass does window glass replacements in Bethany Beach, DE using our Infinity Glass units. We love offering an alternative to full window replacements, saving you money while still keeping the benefits. If you’re ready to talk about your glass replacement, call us today at 800-746-4527 for a free quote.