Cracked Window Repair: Do You Really Need It? Here’s How You Can Do the Repair!

Mar 23, 2022Glass Windows

The first process in repairing cracked window glass is determining the sort of window glass damage you have. Although, there are various sorts of deformation which form on the windows and each with its reason. Once you find a break in your window glass, you intend to take interim measures to avoid the spread and reduce the risk of harm. Temporary remedies, on the other hand, do not stay forever. Ultimately, there is a need to have cracked window repair.

Window glass replacement is a complex and time-consuming task. GoGlass Corporation offers professional residential, commercial, and auto glass repair & replacement services. Our team focuses on long-term solutions to keep your home safe. All that matters is how to repair a damaged glass window. You can replace or repair the glass damage if the break is smaller than just an inch or hasn’t torn a hole across both glasses.

Following are some of the most crucial facts that cause cracked window glass:

1. Temperature Stress Cracks – Extreme temperature variations are the fundamental cause of stress cracks. Stress cracks arise whenever there is a large temperature fluctuation experienced between inside and outside of a house. These sorts of damages generally begin from border of the glass.

2. Hard Impact Cracks with Rock or Heavy Objects – Hard impact cracks are the most prevalent causes of experiencing cracked window glass. Most individuals have shattered window glass as a result of a collision. The consequences are of many kinds. A rock blew by the wind, and the off-target ball hit, or dirt & debris in the storm can be a few reasons for hard impact cracks on the house window glass.

3. Pressure Cracks – Pressure window cracks are the most uncommon. They usually occur from nowhere. The appearance of pressure cracks is due to changes in the air pressure system caused by adverse weather conditions.

How to Repair a Cracked or Broken Window Glass?

Although changing the glass may help in a few cases, it is merely a temporary solution in most cases. To guarantee that these concerns are addressed and do not reoccur, we recommend a licensed specialist to replace the window glass completely. This repair seems like an expensive alternative, but if not repaired, it may eventually cost you far more in electricity costs; since those cracks give a route for the airflow inside out.

There are several ways to fix cracked window glass:

– taping both sides of the cracked glass

– using a nail polish and a super glue on the crack to keep the panes together

– using many layers of adhesives on the broken glass


For broken or otherwise damaged window panes, glass replacement is unavoidable. If you’re tired of temporary fixes or want a more energy-efficient solution for your cracked window, or short on time, go with a permanent fix and contact a professional window glass repair service.