No More Snow – How To Clean Your Windows After Christmas

Dec 27, 2018Glass Cleaning Tips, Residential Glass

Santa and his reindeer have packed up, returning to the North Pole. Time to take down the tree and throw away the torn pieces of wrapping paper. As you return your home to normal spick and span condition, your windows beckon. The artificial snow and frosty window coverings have dried and now form a gunky mess on your windows.

Spray-on snow can often leave a milky white tacky substance once you have removed the bulk of it. Getting rid of the residue is effortless with the help of several household items.

Cleaning your windows is easier than you think. Start your New Year resolutions right with our tips.

Clean Your Windows

Vacuum Your Snow

For the snow that is loosely attached to your window, just lying on the sill, or on the ground below use your vacuum cleaner to get it up.  For the window sill and the window use one of the attachments to get in all the nooks and crannies, preferable the one with the bristles on it.

The floor should be vacuumed last and can be done with the main part of the vacuum.

Protect Your Home from Wet Snow

When you are cleaning up artificial window snow, it is always best to take precautions and protect your wood window sill and carpet below your window.

So, after you are done vacuuming the area around the windows, put down towels on both the carpet and the window sill.  That way if you do have anything drip off your window on accident while you are cleaning it, the area around it will already be protected.

Spray, Don’t Scrape the Snow

For the artificial window snow that is stuck on firmly, wash it off – never scrape it!

While many people scrape the snow off their windows, this isn’t a good idea.  First, scraping the artificial snow off increases your chance that you are going to permanently damage the glass.  Second, the snow that you are scraping off ends up all over the place, which creates another mess for you to clean up.

Instead, spray small sections of the snow with our aerosol window cleaner.  Allow the cleaner to sit for about 30 seconds, and then take a paper towel and rub the cleaner into the artificial snow with medium pressure until it starts to come off of the glass. Once the snow starts smearing, replace with a new paper towel.

Repeat the above steps until all of the snow is off the window and your windows are clean. Stop by your local GoGlass for additional pointers or to pick up your GoGlass Cleaner.