Choosing A Replacement Patio Door

Apr 15, 2024Doors

Tips For Selecting The Replacement Patio
Door For Your Berlin, MD Home

The Proper Patio Door Will
Complement Your Home

Replacement patio doors in Berlin, MD are more than just beautiful. They offer many benefits for your home in terms of letting in natural light, energy efficiency, and creating a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor space.

But in order to receive all of the benefits, choosing the right patio door is important. GoGlass offers a variety of top-of-the-line patio door replacements for the Delmarva Peninsula. We’ve installed a lot of doors in the area and have learned a few great tips for choosing the right patio door for your home.

Choose The Right Material For
Your Patio Door Replacement

There isn’t one best material for your patio door replacement. You can choose wood, vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass and still have the perfect patio door for your home. While the look of the door means a lot, each one has benefits that may help you in making your decision.

  • Wood – has a beautiful finish that can be changed as often as you like.
  • Vinyl – durable, resistant to infestations, and affordable.
  • Aluminum – low-maintenance, resistant to corrosion, and long-lasting.
  • Fiberglass – versatile and stable as it isn’t affected by moisture.

Consider Glass Blinds For Unique Natural Light

Glass blinds are a unique type of glass for your patio door. Instead of getting blinds that come with long cords or require daily dusting, consider glass blinds that go between the panes of glass. That way, they stay clean yet can still be opened and closed to adjust how much light you let in.

Between the panes glass blinds are largely beneficial if you want all the perks of blinds without the maintenance.

Add Sidelights For Even More Natural Light

Sidelights are stationary panels of framed glass that go on either side of your door. You can add one sidelight to your existing door or add two sidelights to a new patio door. No matter how you go about it, sidelights add more natural light and offer an even more inviting space.

Though matching your door is ideal in most cases, it’s not a necessity. You can choose a different type of patio door that doesn’t use the same color scheme or material as your sidelights. This is an amazing option for self-expression and mixing things up.

Decorative Glass Takes Your Patio
Door Replacement Up A Notch

Decorative glass is one of the most spectacular ways to upgrade your patio door. You can get etched glass or tinted glass customized your way. However, decorative glass services aren’t that common in the Delmarva Peninsula.

GoGlass offers exceptional decorative glass services, fully customizing your patio door your way. We love working with customers to create a unique piece that isn’t found anywhere else.

Add A Screen To Your Patio Door Replacement

Retractable screens are amazing for keeping pets in and bugs out. Most of them even have the added benefit of blocking harmful rays from the sun.

  • SolarScreen – keeps bugs out and dissipates 80% of the sun’s rays
  • SunScreen – keeps bugs out and dissipates up to 70% of the sun’s rays
  • PetScreen – heavy-duty screen that is seven times stronger than the standard screen, helping keep pets contained
  • Retractable Screen – retracts to give a better view and looks invisible when you don’t need it

Replacement Patio Doors With Low-E
Glass Helps Protect Your Home

Low-E glass is glass that has a thin layer of transparent coating. This coating helps minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through. So, while you’ll have just as much visible light, many UV rays will be blocked.

The benefits of this include more energy-efficient glass and less fading for your furniture and carpet.

Ensure Impact Resistance For Your Patio Door
Replacement On The Delmarva Peninsula

Coastal areas are quite susceptible to hurricanes, so hurricane-resistant glass is a near necessity. Make sure that the glass of your patio door is hurricane-resistant, as it will mean that the glass is both moisture-resistant and impact-resistant.

GoGlass offers exceptional patio door replacements in Berlin, MD. To take the next step in getting your patio door upgraded, get in touch with us today for your free estimate.