Common Reasons of Auto Glass Damage

Sep 28, 2021Auto Glass

One of the frustrating aspects of car ownership is the inevitable windshield repair or replacement because auto glass damage is caused due to some uncertain factors. Not every occurrence is avoidable, but taking proper care of your vehicle is very important. Ensure that you and your family are safe by getting a new windshield replacement and by driving carefully to prevent any hazardous outcomes.

Following are some common reasons that we often hear at GoGlass from our clients for their windshield glass damage:

  1. Unfortunate Road Accidents:

Road accidents can be impactful and are one of the common reasons for auto windshield glass damages. The level of damage to your auto windshield explains a lot about the car’s condition. A cracked windshield glass after an accident means that the frame is bent and putting excess pressure on the glass it will cause extensive breakage. So it is important to get mechanical assistance as early as possible to check the structural durability of the windshield.

  1. Road Debris:

While driving, it is hard to escape from a rock hit! So it is advisable to keep a safe distance between the vehicles to reduce the risk of the windshield getting smacked by road rocks. If a small rock or any other particle hits the windshield glass, it generally causes minor cracks, which can increase over time and become more severe. Immediate repairing will help to avoid a complete replacement in the future.

  1. Hailstorms:

Severe weather conditions can damage a vehicle’s body. Hailstones (golf ball-sized or large stones) are devastating and have an extreme impact on the glass to cause cracks & damages. If possible, park your vehicle in an enclosed area such as underground parking or a garage and keep a regular check on weather reports before planning for car driving.

  1. Pressure Cracks:

Pressure cracks can sometimes be unexpected, and you never know how much pressure or force is implied that has cracked your windshield glass. In addition, during such occurrence the windshield may begin to crack from the edges, where the crack will not be visible directly but can be dangerous after a while.

  1. Improper Glass Installation:

Auto glass installation must be in a way that your car windshield has a tight and secure fit; otherwise, it can shift while driving, causing water & air leaks. It is also important to install quality glass to avoid any vulnerable impact on the windshield. Poor installation of windshield frequently results in glass vibration or breakage due to heavy wind or other reasons. Over a while, this glass vibration can cause the windshield to crack, and your auto glass professionals will have to repair or replace it.

  1. Change in Weather:

The auto windshield glass is not just a piece of glass; it has different layers of plexiglass that prevent splinters. These layers are related to each other, but a sudden drastic temperature change in the weather conditions can cause big problems. When the outer layer of the glass is hot & the inner layer is cold, the inside layer contracts while the outer layer expands slightly, causing the glass to break. For example, excessive heat like hot liquid poured/spilled on the windshield or fire near the windshield in winters.

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