Types of Commercial Glasses for Storefront Businesses

Oct 7, 2021Commercial Glass

Owning an office or a store in this competitive market can be stressful, challenging, and at the same time, can be exciting too. Selecting a proper storefront window or door glass is very important to attract visitors to take a look at the products and services you offer. Whether you are looking for commercial glass to illuminate your storefront windows or office glass walls for a trendy look, GoGlass has got all skills and expertise available to execute your storefront glass repairs.

You can find different brands & categories of commercial glasses and storefront glasses available in the market. GoGlass offers repair and installation services of commercial glass for all types of businesses. Our experienced technicians give their complete attention to every detail in crafting your storefront & business glasses with all necessary capabilities to provide you with robust solutions.

The possibilities for storefront glass replacement are limited, but at GoGlass, we have designed different combinations of glass products to suit your needs. Following are some of our commercial glass collections:

Transparent Glass: Transparent glasses & doors are a traditional pick for every storefront, and it is for a good reason. As people can watch what is at the back of the glass, it allows store owners to get a good opportunity to emphasize their products & services and increase their sales.

Tempered Glass: Tempered glass is a suitable option for any storefront because it adds safety and is helpful when the window or the door of the store is close to the ground or a play area. Tempered storefront glasses are stronger than any toughened glass. One of the most positive points of installing such glass is – the crushed fragments when the glass breaks have smooth & rounded corners that reduce the chance of getting hurt.

Security Glass: This is one of the tough custom commercial glasses to have more protection for your workers from bullets, explosions, and an uncertain break-in. Security glass installations are best for high-priced businesses like jewelry, vehicles, and electronics.

Frosted Glass: Frosted glass gives a blurred & opaque look which is best for some businesses such as spas & salons, doctor’s offices, or any legal offices where interior privacy is the concern. This type of glasses allows natural light to enter within the store and at the same time gives the customers the amount of security & privacy they require.

Tint Commercial Glass: Non-retail commercial buildings can install tinted windows & doors to get security and give their clients an approach towards their privacy. Tint glasses are available as shades and as a coating for window or door glass to have extra protection from UV rays during summers.

If you are looking for business glass repair or commercial glass window replacement, at MrGoGlass.com we are fully accumulated with the best professional technicians, quality products, and efficient services backed with a warranty for repair & replacements.