How to Choose the Best Commercial Glass

Jun 28, 2019Commercial Glass

Starting a business or maintaining an open store, commercial glass is an integral part of ensuring you place your best foot forward. An eye-catching window display or beautiful storefront can do wonders for a business. However, if those windows are broken, dirty, or not quite right for the job, the whole look can fall flat. That’s why it’s so important to know the best commercial glass for storefront use.

Choose the best commercial glass

When choosing a commercial glass for your storefront, consider what these doors or windows will need to do. Are they more functional or decorative? Do you want people to see clearly through to the inside, or do you and your customers need a little privacy? And of course, all the best commercial glass for storefront use should be safe.

Commercial Glass Tips


You should also think about the level of privacy your commercial space needs. If you are installing glass for a retail store, you don’t necessarily want privacy, as the customers will need to see all your awesome products. On the other hand, if you are opening a spa, your clients will probably want a little more privacy in the waiting area.

  • Clear Glass
    Clear glass is the best choice if you want to turn passersby into customers. This type of glass lets you display your products for outsiders to see clearly. It is also a great option for a business that wants to create a bright, inviting ambiance, like an ice cream parlor or retail store.
  • Frosted/Tinted Glass
    If your business requires a greater level of privacy, frosted or tinted glass may be the way to go. Privacy glass still allows natural light, but your customers are given a comforting amount of privacy. Frosted or tinted glass is often used in commercial spaces such as dental offices or spas. Frosted glass also allows you to add creativity with etching and design.


For most storefronts, glass needs to be durable. Hopefully, you have lots of customers walking through your doors, so the glass should be able to withstand high traffic.


Safety should be top priority when considering the best commercial glass for storefront use. Regular glass breaks into sharp pieces when broken, which can be extremely dangerous. Accidents happen, so it’s best to go with a type of glass that crumbles instead of shatters:

  • Security Glass
    Security glass is great for storefronts, as it doesn’t shatter into sharp pieces. It has an internal or external laminate that holds it together, so pieces don’t go flying. When broken, security glass looks like a spider web.
  • Tempered Glass
    Tempered glass is also a very safe option for commercial or storefront use. It is designed to crumble when broken. The broken pieces of tempered glass have an almost rounded, smooth edge. This helps prevent injury to any customers that might be in the area

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