3 Tips for Choosing Quality Storefront Glass Doors

Dec 7, 2021Commercial Glass

An attractive storefront door says a lot about your business and merchandise. To attract potential customers, it is necessary to have a welcoming store facade & storefront. Brand colors, window displays, and storefront hygiene play a significant role in reflecting the brand’s values and identity. The addition of decorative accessories such as potted plants, banners, and so on pleases the interest of passersby and encourages them to enter the store.

Apart from decorations, there is something that will intrigue people’s curiosity even before they see your products. So, if anything in your store needs to be good, it’s the storefront glass door. The entrance or storefront should be appealing to the customers. Make a wise decision when it comes to installing the best quality front door for your business.

Here are some quick tips on how you can choose better quality storefront glass doors:

1. User-friendly Glass:

Clear float glasses are inexpensive and lack any color or other additional components, but it allows a lot of light to come through. However, being fragile and easy to shatter, it is not recommended for use in restaurants. The only exception would be a security grating that can cover your store every night to keep trespassers and potential intruders out.

Insulated glass holds two layers of glass connected with an airtight seal – formed of argon gas. Insulated glass is clear and will help to ventilate the indoor environment. This type of glass is one of the options for any place that experiences temperature variations.

When you require utmost security, laminated glass is the ideal choice. The glass holds two independent layers of glasses that are laminated or joined together. As a result, the glass is surprisingly robust and nearly indestructible.

2. Frame Options:

Considering proper framing selections as carefully as possible is an important thing to do for your storefront’s glass. Wooden frames provide a traditional, crafted appearance that could work well in family diners and restaurants. You won’t have to call a professional for minor touch-ups because you can varnish and paint the wood yourself.

Aluminum, on the other hand, is sometimes more durable than wood. You can choose anodized aluminum, which is a process that thickens the oxidized coating on the outside of metal, making it more resilient to scratches, scrapes, dents, and other types of damage. This anodizing may include paint color, allowing you to create unique arched window frames. Powder-coating is a sort of paint that is applied to aluminum to safeguard it from rusting. Although painted aluminum is not as robust as anodized or powder-coated aluminum, it makes it easy to customize the glass frame with color.

3. Security & Budget:

a. Here are some of the safety points that your storefront glass doors installation should contain:
– Solid Construction made out of heavy steel
– Internal systems installed with lockout mechanisms
– Vaulted door for a business facility
– Solid & reliable fire protection
– Durable & heavy locking systems for bolts and bars

b. Choose cost-effective glass doors:
– material make-up
– low-maintenance & long-lasting
– suit up your style
– available with the perfect size
– premium quality with supportive after installation service

It is not tough to select the best commercial storefront doors for your business. Utilize these tips & information to make a wise conclusion. Selecting doors with appealing, secure, and cost-effective features are the three most trustworthy recommendations you should follow. Take a visit to your local commercial and residential glass repair and installation agency and get premium quality material as well as their cost-effective process, which lasts for a long time.