Cleaning Tips: Common Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Home Glasses

tips for how to clean the glass in your home

Glasses require a little extra maintenance and care. Even those that come at a premium price need to be taken care of.

Keeping your home glasses cleanis not difficult.But often, we end up making mistakes as we are not aware of certain particularities that need to be followed.

Check out these little mistakes that we usually make while taking care of our home glasses. If you avoid them, you will enjoy a longer life for your window and patio glass, door glass, storefront glass, shower door glass, tabletops, shelves and decorative glass, mirror glass and more.  and protect them from damage.

Avoid Cleaning Glasses while Dry

Do not wipe glasses with a piece of cloth when the glass is dry. Dust particles on the cloth piece can scratch the glass and make it more susceptible to damage in future. Use a moist soft duster or damp soft cloth for cleaning.

Do Not Use Soap

Avoid using soap or detergents of any kind as it can end up damaging the coating on the surface of the glass. You might have a cleaner but it does not mean that it is good for cleaning glasses as well. Use specialized cleaner for glasses to avoid damaging.

Be Gentle on the Glasses

Glass and frame require a different cleaning approach. Your door glass or window glass can attract dust particles while you are cleaning your carpet and vacuuming. So try to wipe your glasses softly while you can rub harder on the rim to make it shine.

Strict ‘No’ for Paper Towels, Dry Cloth and Tissues

Avoid using paper towels, clothes and tissues as they may be soft but may have a crude surface that can easily attract dust or scratch your residential glasses or storefront glass. Use microfibers to elongate the life of your home glasses.

Keep your home glasses clean and damage-free by following the tips mentioned above. If you still face any issue with any of your home glass, contact a professional from Go Glass, the residential glass company to inspect and find out what exactly the problem is and why in spite of regular cleaning they still look unclean and function improperly.Our professionals experienced in residential glass repair will not only guide the right way of cleaning, they will also repair your glasses if needed.

One thought on “Cleaning Tips: Common Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Home Glasses

  1. Bobby Saint says:

    You made a good point to “avoid cleaning glasses while dry.” Some of the dust particles such as sand or granules on the piece of cloth you’re going to use for wiping can cause scratches on the window. It is recommended that you use a wet piece of cloth and the recommended cleaning detergent for cleaning. If I were to clean my own glass door and windows, I would make sure to follow your advice. Thanks.

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