Why You Need to Repair a Cracked Windshield Urgently

cracked windshield repair

It might start with just a chip or a crack on the windshield and that too away from the driver’s view. But this chip or crack should never be taken lightly as it can blow up into a safety issue with high risk of accidents.

Before we talk about windshield repair, lets look at the reasons why a windshield develops a chip:

  1. driving on bumpy roads
  2. dramatic changes in the temperature
  3. sudden shocks and road irregularities
  4. a pebble or rock or debris flung by passing vehicles striking your vehicle’s windshield
  5. traveling at higher speeds on the highway daily leading to wear and tear
  6. removing ice and frost in the cold weather – ice scrapers can damage your windshield or aggravate existing chips and cracks.

Let’s find out why auto windshield repair should be taken up as a priority:

  1. A windshield is not just the screen through which you see the road ahead. It provides structural support to the roof of the vehicle as well. A damaged windshield can result in the roof collapsing. Also, if the vehicle is involved in a collision, the chipped windshield runs the risk of popping out.
  2. It is a structural and toughened cover that protects the occupants of the vehicle in a collision. A chipped or weakened windshield would end up causing more damage in an accident.
  3. Older cars had thicker A-pillars [the frame of the car that runs from the side of the windshield to the back of the car] and windshields were part of the structural protection. But nowadays, modern auto design has banked on thinner A-pillars that has put more responsibility on the windshield to ensure safety. Hence, a cracked windshield is a high risk issue.
  4. Weather and even windshield wipers can force dirt into the chip. Hence, the repair should be done within a few days after the damage occurs. If left unattended, a chip can often burst into a pattern of tiny cracks, or even grow into one long crack.
  5. It is not necessary to go in for windshield replacement every time. Many smaller chips are easily fixable by a reputable auto glass repair expert.
  6. Windshield repair is a less costly but effective alternative to windshield replacement that extends the useful life of and restores beauty to many damaged windshields. And a repaired windshield is “green” because it doesn’t end up in a landfill!
  7. Go-Glass offers high-quality windshield repairs that conform to the industry standard, the Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS) rolags.com which is administered by the National Windshield Repair Association www.nwra.org. ROLAGS defines what types of damage can be repaired and the process for completing a repair.

Find out more about the types of windshield damage that can be repaired to meet our quality standards.

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