Make Your Shower the Ideal Refuge with Our Specialized Shower Door Installation

shower door installation

shower door installation

Most middle income home owners have small bathrooms and thus have to choose whether to install a shower or a bathtub. For small bathrooms there is usually lack of adequate space for the bathtub. Besides, a shower is easier to clean, fun to use and to enjoy your bath and then walk out with a refreshed feeling. But it all depends on how well your shower is installed and is functioning. Professional shower installation services play a critical role here. Companies undertaking residential glass repair usually provide shower installation services too.

Why should you go for shower door installation

Bathrooms have gradually changed from being used for simple needs such as bathing, to providing a space for luxury and calmness. Installation of a shower door helps in the following:

  1. It separates the shower space from bathroom: A lot of water is sprayed in the shower space. This water remains in the same area and drains off soon.
  2. Privacy: The area enclosed by a frosted glass shower door provides an immense degree of privacy.
  3. Cozy and comfortable: By virtue of being a closed space, it automatically becomes cozy and comfortable for the user.

So what makes a good shower your cozy refuge and your own secluded space for a good, relaxing time? Getting a shower door fitted with the help of a company providing shower installation services is ideal.

There are different kinds of shower doors in the market:

  1. French shower doors: These shower doors are capable of dominating the scenery inside your house. They consist of a number of glass panels fitted into a door. They can be paired with other elements such as subway tiles, mosaic tiles and traditional fixtures.
  2. Sliding type: Essentially these help in closing the shower area from rest of the bathroom. They are usually fitted with frosted glass.
  3. Swing: These swinging doors move in or out, depending on whether you want to exit or enter the shower space. They have both pivot and wall mounted hinges.
  4. Framed: Black can be an amazing colour for a framed shower door. They are usually made from either steel or aluminum. One can have framed glass doors.
  5. Frameless: These help the bathroom look larger than its actual size. Frameless glass doors are available in a variety of designs.
  6. Semi-frameless: Semi frameless shower doors showcase a metal border at the top of doors. Here metal is not present around the complete door structure, hence the name semi-frameless.
  7. Bi-fold Swing: Such doors are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. Panels in these doors open into the shower.

Mr. Go Glass provides all kinds of shower doors. The above doors can be prepared with a combination or one of the following features:

  1. Buttresses and return panels
  2. 1/4” to 3/8” thick tempered glass
  3. Handles, hinges, towel bars, and headers
  4. Clear, patterned, or Clear Shield™ glass
  5. Polished chrome, gold, or brass;
  6. Brushed nickel
  7. Stainless steel or powder coat finishes
  8. Specialty doors and customizable alternatives, with:
  9. Cabinets
  10. Etched glass
  11. Custom mirrors
  12. Curb less shower doors
  13. Glass back splashes
  14. Spray panels
  15. Glass counter tops

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