Starting a Home Remodel? Don’t Forget About Your Windows

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Perhaps you’re remodeling your kitchen and you want new appliances, updated counters and floors, and improved cabinetry and hardware. Or maybe you’re remodeling your living room and have already chosen the perfect furniture and the most exquisite hardwood floors.
While you may know exactly what changes you want out of your remodel, have you considered what changes you need? A single room or total home remodel is a fine renovation to make-but if your windows look drab, worn, or small for your new space, you won’t be able to appreciate this new look.
In this blog, we’ll discuss why you should include windows in your upcoming home remodel. Additionally, we’ll talk about the different types of windows you can install in your home to fit your home’s new aesthetic.

How Windows Improve the Look of Your Home

In a previous blog, we talked about how glass can make your home more energy efficient. Aside from reducing your carbon footprint and making your home more environmentally friendly, windows can improve the overall look of your home.

Windows make a space look more open. They also let in more natural light, making the space look bigger and brighter. From an outside view, windows create a warm, friendly look that passersby will admire and desire for their own homes.

Additionally, if you add decorative glass to your home, such as painted or stained glass, you can add a whole new aesthetic to your property. You can create custom images or add in unique designs to give your home a creative appearance. If you live in an area where all the houses look similar, add windows to your home to make it stand out from your neighbors’ houses.

Which Window Types You Should Use

To give your home that distinctive look you’ve always wanted, you’ll want to upgrade your current windows. If you can add extra windows to your home, you should include that step in your remodeling plans. However, not just any window will do.

What do you want out of your windows? Do you want them to allow in more light? Or would you prefer your windows to allow more air into your home? Do you want decorative windows in your house to accent your current décor and color scheme?

Take some time to consider what you want your windows to accomplish after you’ve completely remodeled your home. Then, talk to your windows and glass professional about installing some of the following window types in your house.

Arched Windows

If you want a decorative window that adds a lot of light to a room, arched windows provide the perfect solution. These windows don’t open, but they do add to your home’s architecture. They also let a lot of natural light flow into the room.

You can install an arched window that runs from the floor to just under the ceiling. Or, you can install a small arched window above a standard window so you can still ventilate the room.

Bow and Bay Windows

Would you like some extra space in each room of your home? Bow and bay windows allow you to accomplish that goal. These windows project outward. Bay windows have one stationary window in the center with one operable window on each side. Bow windows have additional windows on the sides.

Inside, you’ll have a small shelf under the window sill, so you can use that space as a reading nook or even an indoor herb garden.

Casement Windows

These windows swing outwards, either to the side or upwards. They have a hinge on top to securely connect them to the window frame. If you want to add additional windows (and bring more light into your home), these windows are the perfect option.

Casement windows are also made of solid glass, except the structural frame, so you can see clearly outside.

Transom Windows

You’ll most often find these windows above doors or windows in a home. These decorative windows open to allow air inside your home.

However, the bottom of the window tips out and up to create a slight slant that lets air flow in freely. You can install either circular or rectangular transom windows, depending on your personal taste.

You can also talk to your glass expert about installing window types such as double- or single-hung windows, skylight windows, and sliding windows.

How to Get Started

When you’re ready to revitalize your windows, talk to a windows and glass expert. He or she can tell you which types of glass will work best for your needs, budget, and remodeling limitations. Additionally, he or she can install the windows to ensure they function properly.

If you ever experience issues with the glass in your windows, ask the experts how they can repair the material or replace it to keep your home safe and aesthetically pleasing.

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