Get Inspired: America’s 4 Coolest Glass Buildings and How Your Office Could Look Like Them

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Your office’s exterior communicates your business’ message to the outside world. Many companies take this messaging seriously, transforming their building into an artful, eye-catching facade that attracts potential employees and visiting clients.As your business starts to boom, get inspired by our list of spectacular glass office buildings and learn which glass elements work for your building’s exterior.

1.) Apple Campus 2

Located in Cupertino, CA, Apple Campus 2 is a 2,800,000-square-foot glass dome with four stories. Former CEO Steve Jobs wanted the tech company’s second campus to seem more like a nature center than a sprawling office building. Therefore, he hired British architect and Nobel Prize winner Norman Foster to plan the spaceship-style office on 176 acres of forest.

To achieve its circular shape, every glass pane in the Apple Campus 2 central building is curved. Nine small atriums separate the building’s eight integrated offices, and a courtyard sits in the middle of the dome. With this glass building’s unique architectural design, Jobs and Foster hoped to encourage collaboration between employees.

What You Can Use in Your Office: Bent Glass

Your taste might not be as avant-garde as Steve Jobs’ was to appreciate the look and effect of bent glass. It’s a great way to create a skylight, to cover a walkway, or to build a solarium in your office building.

2.) Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR)

HOK, the international architecture and engineering firm, designed WIMR, part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Medicine and Public Health. The seven-story building features circulation paths, allowing medical staff and researchers to interact easily. It also has huge glass panels on the building’s exterior, giving the world-class research facility a more open ambiance to visitors.

What You Can Use in Your Office: Glass Panels

External glass panels emit a large amount of natural light into your office. They also highlight your office’s transparency, providing your clients and employees with a sense of openness. If you’re not ready to add a complete glass curtain wall to your office building, try including large glass panels on the exterior of your building’s balconies and hallways to increase lighting and visibility.

3.) Adobe Utah Campus

WRNS Studio designed Adobe’s 680,000-square-foot campus in Lehi, UT. The firm included floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the long, narrow building in order to inspire Adobe employees with expansive views of the nearby Wasatch and Oquirrh mountain ranges.

The heavily windowed campus, which is in close proximity to Interstate 15, also allows passersby to see inside the world-renown tech company’s campus. This high level of visibility is by design. It’s meant to help attract top, local talent to the company.

What You Can Use in Your Office: Floor-to-Ceiling Glass Windows

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows are a great addition to a building, like a converted warehouse, which has high ceilings. They give your business visibility to the outside world. They also make your employees feel like they’re working in an airy, sunny loft.

4.) Willis Tower

Formerly known the Sears Tower, the Willis Tower is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. Skydeck Chicago, a glass balcony at 1,353 feet, sits just above the building’s offices and features a rectangular glass railing and ledge with heart-pumping views of the city below it.

What You Can Use in Your Office: Glass Railing

Your building can’t replicate Willis Tower’s extraordinary height and remarkable vistas. However, you can add a glass railing to your office’s rooftop or deck. It will create a safe, sunny space for your employees to enjoy lunch or for you to entertain clients.

Review this list of awe-inspiring buildings before you start upgrading your office building, and consider using some of the glass architectural elements they feature. To learn more about commercial glass solutions for your business, contact the glass experts at any of the Go-Glass Store Locations in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

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